Another year, another Melbourne Cup

It’s Melbourne Cup day, and this year I’m spending it at home, and glad to.

It’s a great day nonetheless. I read a piece earlier where someone described the Melbourne Cup on-course as being like schoolies for adults, and that’s pretty accurate I reckon. I’ve had my share of that, perhaps even more than my share – I reckon I’ve been to somewhere between 15-20 Cups over the years as both child and adult, from the members enclosure, to the public area, and to a variety of private enclosures and marquees (though not yet the Emirates or Myer yet – hint). I’ve experienced the Cup in all it’s permutations, rain and shine, winning and losing, sober and not so sober, and so on. Great event, but I’m a little over it for the minute.

Of course it’s a holiday here, and feels like one whether you’re at the races or not. It’s an overcast, cool day, but that counts for little. I’ve had a bet and won $25 already. The barbie is fired up for Rigby and I to enjoy, and later when I have a guest I’ll crack a bottle and watch the big race in earnest.

For the record I’m on At First Sight this year. Reckon there are about 6 real contenders – Americain, Jukebox Jerry, Dunaden, Niwot, Lucas Cranach, and probably a couple of others. My smoky is Modun. So, I’m on for the win, the trifecta, and the first 4 – all of which I got last year. I’ve got a good record in this race winning much more often than I lose, but what happened before counts for little. We’ll know in a few hours time.

Phar Lap winning the Melbourne Cup Race from S...

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