Old age is catching up to me these days. Would love a good nights sleep – early to bed, a bit of a lie-in. Not to be. Unhealthy lifestyles r us at the minute.

Last night went to the footy with Donna. Less said about that the better. Afterwards had a pizza and a milkshake in Bridge road at about 11. Rocked home in time to catch the time trial in the Tour de France. Stayed to the end watching Cadel monster the Schleck brothers and absolutely run away with the event. Very impressive. Sleep then. Then awake. Turned the radio on to hear Amy Winehouse was dead. Surprise that. Texted Cheeseboy the news for out celebrity death watch. I think one of us might have selected her last year. Switched off the radio before the footy report came on. Wanted to sleep. Just lay there H, my body told me, just go with it. Not to be. Collected the paper, made a coffee, combined the two briefly before getting up properly to shower and dress. Raining outside, a lot. Drive down Bridge road in the drizzle. Find a park, meet up with one of the speed daters at New York Tomato for breakfast. Over a quesadilla with refried beans and a poached egg she told me how someone had nicked her knickers from the clothesline overnight, and half a dozen bras. Indeed. We talk, one coffee, another, my fugue slowly clearing though my body aches still. We part, me handing her the change as a contribution to the bra fund. I drive back up Bridge road. I dream of curling up with a good book for the afternoon next to the open fire. The fire doesn’t work so I stop off on the way and spend money on cheap books and lollies. Home then, the dog clamouring for me as if I have returned from exile in the salt mines, as usual, the heater humming, feeling unhealthy, too much pizza, feeling decadent and unfocussed. Okay, okay I think, yes, I’ll read, but I don’t. Instead I get lost gazing into this screen, joining in online conversations I have no real interest in with people I generally consider nuff nuffs. Minutes tick by. Okay then, we’ll do the book, or maybe a DVD, or maybe both for fucks sake, be lazy, go on, be lazy I urge myself, and who needs to be told twice…

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