Chinese day

Just for the record, ended up at Duck, Duck, Goose for dinner last night with Becky-la. Was pretty indifferent I thought. It was a cold Melbourne night and it took a while for the place to approach full, but even then there wasn’t great ambience. It’s elegant and pretty, but a little chill to my tastes. The food was good without being great. It was the dumplings that drew me, but, though good, I prefer the sexy dumplings of Hutong with their syrupy hot chilli sauces (the dumplings at DDG come nude) and general ambience of social good fun. Prices are reasonable, but it’s not a place I’ll be hurrying back to. Had a good night with Becky however, who has become a bit of a saucy minx (now there’s a phrase I never thought I’d use, though very apt), and enjoyed an excellent Irish whisky (Redbreast) earlier at Match Bar.

And if there is a theme of Chinese in this post then let me confirm it further with the news that I booked a holiday to China for April next year. Fong sent me an email from Beijing, where she is teaching English, advising me of the ridiculously cheap fares on offer. Had two hours to book, but managed to snare a $149 flight there and $111 return as base prices. I booked an exit row either way which bumped up the price a smidge, but well worth it as the return flight particularly goes via the North Pole or something, and is 25 hours in duration – guess prices like these come with a catch. I need to be able to stretch out my long legs.

Nice to have a holiday planned again; good to be heading to China – near the top of my list and a must-see destination; and fine I think to be catching up with Fong, whose prickliness I’ve missed just a little. And I bet the dumplings are better there too.

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