Going for broke

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Sitting in the crowd last night listening to a bunch of enterprising people describe their start-up experiences I realised something I probably should have known long ago: I'm an entrepreneur. Whether I am engaging in entrepreneurial activities or not my nature makes me one. I'm always on the mental move. I get restless doing the same things too long and take great delight in developing, building, creating things. I'm fortunate to be naturally creative. Ideas, good and bad, spring from me all the time. It's hard to settle to one thing when so many different things are happening.

It was almost a relief acknowledging it. Much of what was presented last night resonated with me on a general level. Entrepreneurship is a state of mind. Somewhere in it there is the fuck it attitude, the go for broke mentality fully aware of the risks but willing to take them on with eyes on the end goal. For me I get supreme satisfaction at striving for something, in simply achieving. The rewards are nice when they come off, and a powerful motivator, but I think in a lot of ways the dollars are just a nice way of keeping score. To do is like a fever you can't shake.

Earlier in the night I'd had a chat with a guy who had been involved in 44 start-ups – a serial entrepreneur. He epitomises much of what I mean: the thrill is in the chase. My father is like that, and I take after him. And in the room last night there were another two dozen or so of like mind. I had a drink and a chat with many of them, swapping stories as well as business cards. We all knew the score, the hazards and challenges of the business, and all were sympathetic and understanding.

It was a stimulating, invigorating environment. I felt very much at home. As I always say, you have to be true to yourself.

Unfortunately I seem, as my sister tells me, to have an entrepreneurial attitude to relationships also. That's one thing I'm looking to end.

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