Another one down

I'm not big on these things, but it was my birthday Friday. A bunch of us went out for drinks and dinner and the newly re-furbished Newmarket hotel in St Kilda. The Newmarket used to be a pub where you could get a decent schnitzel or goulash while perving on one of the topless barmaids. Times have changed. It's now a very trendy and popular nouveau pub, slick and with aspirations towards the gourmet end of the market. Not bad.

I spent the night at JV's because my car's in the shop and because we set off saturday morning for a boys weekend away. We hooked up with Cheeseboy and on a sunny Melbourne day headed down towards the peninsula. We stopped on the way in Red Hill where we had lunch amongst the pumpkin patch at Montalto, a good pizza each and an excellent bottle of pinot to share. Very pleasant.

Early afternoon and we're in Rosebud and about to play golf. Eighteen holes later the four of us – another has joined us – are buggered from traipsing around 7000 metres of golf course, zig-zagging to follow wayward balls and towards the end peering into the dusk searching for the way home. We even lost once on the poorly signed course, playing a hole on the other course.

Dinner was in Rosebud at a place called the Rose GPO. It was excellent. I had the roo and a beer and then back to the rooms for a night of poker playing and drinking. Finally hit the sack at about 2am feeling very sore and sorry – which I remain having done something untoward to my back.

Yesterday was a leisurely drive home, stopping first to have a hot breakfast. That's it – another birthday out of the way.


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