The G today

The Melbourne test match has just begun. England won the toss and for the second test running have sent Australia in. It sort of worked in Perth, but I think it’s asking a lot two times running and on a MCG pitch. It’s a bold move when all they need do is draw.

A couple of sundry thoughts. Channel 9 commentary team are a bit tired. Warne is great, Nickless and Chappell very good, and I can live with Greig and Lawry. Mark Taylor is a tad ponderous though, Healy annoyingly talkative and Slater a boy pretending to be a man. I guess he’s for the gen Y appeal.

And finally, been meaning to make note of this for a while. I dislike the Fanatics, the clowns who dress up in gold and green at just about every sporting event Australia is involved in all over the world. I’m as patriotic as they get, but it goes against the grain when it starts to get organised and choreographed. I’m wary of anything that begins to resemble a mob, and aghast at the thought that I might be wearing the same clobber as everyone around me. For the most part they’ve been respectful and good natured, but there have been a couple of instances when they’ve tested the limits. Ultimately I think it’s pretty un-Australian.


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