Dont Think Twice It’s Alright

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I love human chemistry. I love it how for no reason you can figure things go from A to Z. I love how when you’re brushing your teeth or hurrying to catch the train or listening to your iPod there are things going on in the back of your mind you have no idea about until they poke their head out at you if they do. I love that whether you know it or not you’re in a constant state of motion, which sometimes, somehow, directs you one way, or another. Above all, I love the sheer magic and genius of it. Life aint plain vanilla no matter how it tastes.

I woke up yesterday feeling all bouncy and happy. There seemed no obvious reason for it, but it was so obvious that I remarked upon it to myself. Suck it up I thought, make the most of it.

I had dreamt vividly throughout the night, a long, jumbled dream featuring zombies and Natalie Portman and the last days of the battle for Berlin. I was the smart, witty, positive character slowly charming Natalie Portman away from the more obvious beefcake in our group: a movie script. I never doubted I’d win her even as I did battle with the zombies closing in on us and Russian troops and a sanguine population.

I walked out the front door with my iPod plugged in. It had been raining and a fine mist like a spritz of water now drifted on the air currents. Walking down the road I had the urge to play a particular song. I scrolled through my songs until I found it: She Didn’t Even Remember My Name. God knows where this came from – another mystery – but I happily listened to an obscure song from the early seventies by one-hit wonders. It was good, though no happy ending.

I scrolled again, selecting a Genius created playlist based on a very early Bob Dylan song. Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright must be one of my favourite songs – top 50 anyhoo. It just picks me up every time I hear it. Bob hasn’t got the greatest voice going around, but he sings this just right. I always smile whenever I hear him say ‘if’n’, and the whole tenor of the song makes me want to smile because it’s a genius song and, besides, I know the dark side of the road. High five Bob.

I listened to the rest of the playlist going in, Cat Stevens and Nick Drake, David Bowie, Van Morrison right up to Iron and Wine. Man, it was good.

It was Friday, maybe that was it, and it went well, no complaints.

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