A different vibe

Ichanged my routine today. I left for work 15 minutes earlier than usual and after checking into the office strolled down the road to have breakfast at Liar, Liar. Liar, Liar is one of the hip caffeineophile (to coin a new word) cafes like you only really have in Melbourne. I guess there about a dozen that are generally acclaimed for the quality of the coffee they produce, which is seen as a very serious business. Liar, Liar is a brother to St Ali, another high in the charts, and the barista’s are typically hip dudes with attitude, facial hair and beanies, laid back and cool but at the same time intent on their trade – or is it a calling? 

Whatever it is I’m grateful to it – the coffee is excellent, and distinctly different even from the good stuff you can commonly get. I sat there with a latte and ordered some eggs feeling a little separate to it all in my suit. I felt like a businessman mixing out of my milieu – which is incorrect as while I am corporate in some way shape or form my heart is elsewhere, and if I could get away with growing a raggedy beard and sloping around in jeans and beanie then I’d be in like Flynn. I’m there in spirit bro. 

It’s a different vibe having a cooked brekky midweek. It’s part of the established pattern for lazy weekends, but outside of the occasional breakfast meeting rare during the week. It’s nice though, which is why I chose to do it. I was in the city the other day on some personal business and with 30 minutes to kill sat at a cafe in one of the laneways of Melbourne. I had a coffee and a serving of toasted banana bread and watched the world go by. It was a simple thing really. For about 30 minutes I felt like the still point in a world that continued to bustle around me. 

It was not quite like that this morning. There was too much activity in the cafe as the door revolved with people coming and going to collect their first coffee of the day. I was aware to that I had to return to the office soon enough. I’ll do it again though, and might try somewhere different just for the variety. Right now of course I feel that post-big brekky sleepiness. The downside of this is that I can’t curl up and have a nap. As I know too well, you can’t have everything.

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