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This is what makes a champion side and don’t Pakistan know it. In 40 overs Australia re-taught their opponents the lessons of four days in Sydney from earlier this year, the moral of which remains that till the precise moment Australia are out, they are never out. Pakistan were on top for three days in Sydney, and 39 overs here, but Australia hunted away, gripped in, stuck at it. And with one ball to go, they pulled off an astonishing chase of 192 to enter Sunday’s final, leaving on Pakistan the deepest kind of scars in an already abusive relationship. On this form, England needn’t bother turning up.

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Man, I wish I had have seen this. I’ve not been a big fan of T20 cricket but I’m warming to it. Not hard with matches like this one (I’m watching the replay now). Possibly the best ever T20 match to date, and certainly the best ever run chase.

I may rattle on sometimes about how good the Australian cricket team is, but it’s easy to understand why. Their greatness lies not in the spread of talent, which is exceptional, but it is rather their spirit and undying belief. They are champions because they win against the odds, again and again.

There is always someone putting their hand up. At different times different parts of the team have fired, and in many games this tournament all aspects have been dominant. Last night the bowlers where smashed around the ground for the first time this series. Then the top order failed chasing the biggest target thus far, and in the semi-final. Looking down the barrel Cameron White kicked started things again and then, extraordinarily, Mr Cricket (Michael Hussey) came to the rescue.

This is a game Australia should have lost. They just refused to, like so often. Hard to see them beaten from here, but there’s no room for complacency. Get over England and celebrate then. In the meantime, all credit to the Aussies – they’re titans of the sport.

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