Taking it and leaving

According to my contract, I have 4 weeks to go at my job unless, as likely, they offer an extension or a full-time role. In my mind there are 4 weeks to go and counting – I have no intention of staying any longer than I have to.

It’s a liberating thought. It frees me up in the work I’m doing. Rather than battling, as I have been, to get things done I now accept that some things won’t be by the time I finish. In so doing I shift my focus from the doing to the planning and the documenting. To a degree, it means that while I still push I can roll my sleeves down a little and get back to plotting the necessary strategy to get from here to there. Much of what I propose may never happen, but at least they’ll have it in black and white, and occasionally multi-coloured flowcharts, to make a call on once I’m gone.

The other thing this knowledge does is free up my attitude. I’m less concerned with minding my p’s and q’s and more intent on getting the right message across, take it or leave it.

Of course, there is a risk in the leaving. What if there is nothing to go to?

I’m pretty confident all will be good. It’s no secret that I’m pretty frustrated here, and while the money is good I can get better. Hopefully, I can find a job in an environment better suited to my talents and personality, and the dollars to go with it.

As it happens I caught up with one of my contacts from about 18 months ago. At one point he was keen to get me on board, but then the GFC came and nothing happened. As it turns out they have been going great guns recently. They were featured in BRW recently as one of the big up and comers he tells me, they’re the fastest growing IT consulting company in Asia, and just to prove it he’s flying off to Shanghai in a couple of weeks to open a big new office. What are you up to?  He asked. Why don’t we catch up for a beer or a coffee to discuss opportunities? Fine, I said, lets.

It’s much more my cup of tea and I only wish I’d got involved back then when they were 20 odd people – the share options would have been great. Still, better late than never.

No guarantees, never are, but there are always things to be had for a clever and enterprising boy, that’s what you have to remember.

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