The age of the recidivists

Hank MoodyImage by LiGado em Série via Flickr

Spent half the week in Sydney and got back last night. Back in the office today running around and looking forward to a quiet night tonight. Bought a couple of pizzas and settled down in front of the teev to catch up with a couple of episodes of Californication.

I love that show. I feel a deep connection to it. For all Hank's misbehaving I feel a kinship to him. He likes to fuck – well, who doesn't? He just gets it on following his instincts and desires in a way that is deeply impressive. I've had Hank Moody periods in my life, sometimes extensive periods, but what for me are phases that I pass into and out of are for him a lifestyle. He's immature, wilful, competitive, rude and charming.He lives life without any apologies, just as it ought to be.

You know there are times I just want to bust loose like that again. Strong temptation, and maybe I should just for old times sake. In any case I can't help but applaud such a happily non-pc person in the antiseptic world we now live in. That's definitely one of my things. My general attitude to the do-gooders telling me what to do or think is triumphantly give them the finger, up yours buster, and give it a twist. Hank then becomes a kind standard bearer, strange as that may seem, the recidivist from another more open, more fun, age. I'm with you Hank.

Just out of interest,Kathleen Turner looks like she's halfway through a gender re-assignment. I like her plenty, she has sass, but she's not the woman I leered at in Body Heat anymore. These days she looks like Micky Rourke's brother, but also looks like she's having genuine fun. You have to admire people like her – Alec Baldwin is another – who are shamelessly, boldly, themselves. I'm guessing they have lived such a life that they have now passed into a state of being where much of what passes for celebrity seems puerile, and their ego well beyond petty conventions. Another recidivist methinks, good on her.

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