Best of you

Busy day, as usual, but more productive than most. Walked out the door at about 6.30. It was dark. It had been raining, coloured lights bleared on the slick, dark surface of the road. I crossed the road, between cars stopped in the traffic. A fire engine went by, its siren wailing. It was cold, like every day lately. I decided to walk home, I didn’t know why. I walked with my hands in the pockets of my overcoat, pulling it close to me, my iPod in and the cold stinging the exposed flesh of my face.

I thought how I like nights like this, when they’re fresh anyway, new to the season. It’s pretty in a way to look upon the coloured lights against the dark. It’s nice to be warm and long striding with the cold all around and at the end of the journey a warm home, a meal.

All went by like that, snippets of thought, of listening to the words in my ears and glancing upon the passersby as I walked, stopping at lights before pressing on again. All mindless, automatic, reflex.

Home now, and soon to go out again, to see a movie, and the question comes to me: are you getting the best of all this? Is the world getting the best of you? Are you shining as you can, as you should? Do you light up another person’s life? Don’t waste it. One day you die.

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