Perfectly myself

Every day is a busy day lately, and while it can be tiring and occasionally frustrating; while there is occasional angst and even anger, for all that when it’s good it feels fine. Yesterday was such a day, flat-out from the word go, running to get one thing going and then another, popping out the office to visit a supplier before returning, making calls and sending emails, reviewing work I’ve engaged a consultant for and advising him on this or that, before getting back to my desk and tinkering with a policy document I need get signed off Tuesday, and beginning a manual. Then the phone again, you need to do this, can you look at this for me please, and don’t forget…

Throughout I’m feeling fluent, like I used to playing sport on those days when I felt on top of my game, everything clicking into place, everything synchronized, bang, bang, bang. As part of all this is a kind of intellectual ruthlessness. I’ve felt recently as if I’ve been constrained by ridiculous demands, we want you to do this, they say, but with one hand tied behind your back. Oh, and here’s your blindfold. Yesterday I was in such an efficient state of mind that I discarded them, not going to work, why pretend? I went to the CFO, I’ve made an executive decision I told him, I just need you to confirm it. He heard me out, nodded his head, and that was that.

Much to do still, but now have a good head of steam.

After work, I caught up with the old CFO in the usual place (Lustre Lounge) for the usual Billi Billi. We each shared our gossip, having a laugh along the way. He’s keenly interested still in everything that happens at work and agrees pretty well 100% with all that I’m pushing. Yes, I miss him. Like always he encouraged, taking as much pleasure from my advancement – and it looks like I have a promotion coming – as I might myself.

Near the end, another friend came by, Cheeseboy. After the CFO left Cheeseboy and I wandered up to the Block arcade for dinner. He had some good news and was bouncy with it, and as I was in a pretty buoyant mood it was all good.

Cheeseboy is Dutch, but I’m not sure that’s how he got his nickname. He has a surfboard somewhere with a block of Edam illustrated on it, but I’m not sure that’s the reason either. In the end, he shares with me a passion for cheese, and there has been many the indulgent time where we’ve sat back like a royalty sipping on good red wine and hopping into a selection of tasty cheeses. So it was again last night.

After dinner Cheesie pronounced he wanted some cheese, and who was I to argue? So I led him through the streets to another bar MOO (Money Order Office). We went down the stairs into this basement bar and sat in the comfy chesterfield lounge and spoke to the enthusiastic waiter, who expounded the virtues of the Gewurztraminer and Verdelho, once even saying ‘by Jove’ when he had forgotten something, like a character from the Famous Five.

The cheese platter arrived, a smelly blue, a washed rind goats cheese, some cheddar, a washed rind brie and an asiago – my favourite of these. We hopped into them, sipping our wine and talking about everything and pondering the possibility of making this a more regular occurrence should he end up working in the city again. We sat in the warm and elegant surroundings, content like royalty, master of our domain and certain of a golden future.

By the time we left, I was feeling pretty mellow and good. We parted and I cruised home. I felt perfectly myself.

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