Cover watch: the trite and the inspired

Okay, this isn’t brand new, but I was reminded of the woeful cover of Under the Bridge by All Saints this morning. That is a particularly dastardly offence because Under the Bridge is probably one of the best rock songs ever written and performed. It’s a classic, no two ways. In the sop infested cover it loses all fucking meaning as one by one a bunch of spoilt and over-praised girls with the life experience of a rock oyster mouth the words of it.

Really, there should be a law against this.

By comparison, a top cover is by Butterfly Bouchon of David Bowie’s Changes. That’s another great song, but she does it true justice with a raw, melodic and heartfelt performance. So good is it that Bowie himself joins in for a verse or two. It was on the Shrek 2 soundtrack. Though I’d never heard of her before, Boucher is an Aussie.

Do yourself a favour.

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